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Long-arm Services

Quilting prices are calculated based upon a charge per square inch. To find the square inch measurement of your quilt top, multiply the length by the width of the quilt. Then multiply that number, by the amount of your quilting design price.

Extra charges apply for thread, batting, or any other special services.
>All prices are effective as of January 1, 2024 and are subject to change without notice.

Please bring this form with your quilt.
"All over " Quilting Creative options are endless with our Amara Handi-Quilter long-arm system. Free motion stippling or meandering is also available. All over quilting features the same pattern from edge to edge.  $0.01- 0.015 per square inch,
depending upon density and complexity.
Basic Custom Border,
plus "All Over" Quilting.
Adds a border to an all-over design, complex pantographs, small meandering or stippling, limited stitch-in-the-ditch or stitch-over-the-ditch.  $0.02 per square inch
Creative Custom Quilting Coordinating quilting designs in blocks, multiple patterns, borders, or stitch-in-the-ditch.  $0.03 per square inch
 Designer Heirloom Quilting                Coordinating designs including feathers, circles, cross-hatching, dense stippling, textures
or fillers, McTavishing, Trapunto, outlining, multiple borders or separate sashing designs.
 Price determined
based upon the density and
complexity of the quilting.
 Pro-Stitcher Patterns All patterns in our long-arm computer are put into a list of A - D based on the density and/or
the complexity of the design.

Please see the pattern book
for available designs. If you      
find a particular design that
we don't have, please let us
know and we will try to find

Designs will be updated each
quarter of the year.
A) These are simpler designs that do not require a lot of time to complete.  $0.04 per square inch
B) These are designs that are more complex than an A" but not as involved as a "C" pattern.  $0.05 per square inch
C) These are more complex and take a considerable amount of time to complete.  $0.06 per square inch
D) These are very dense and take almost as much time as custom quilting.  $0.07 per square inch
Extras Quilt Preparations - (fix/square up, press seams, trim excess threads, etc.)  $20 (minimum 1 hour)
 Thread - Cotton or Specialty Threads  $4/$8 per color
Thread Changes - $2 each (not to exceed $20)  $2 per change
Half Binding - machine stitched to the front to be turned and hand-stitched by the client  $20
Complete Binding - Machine Stitched to the front and hand stitched to the back, or machine stitched on the long-arm machine


Batting - Warm & Natural, Warm & White, or Hobbs  Prices vary (see store)
Bobbins - Bobbin thread used during quilting  $1 each
 Needles - Broken due to issues with customer's quilt  $1 per Needle
Labor Costs Quilting is very time consuming. This also depends on how large your quilt is.   $10/hour

Long-arm Rental Program

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